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Freelance Business - Marketing and Sales, 28 April
We are extremely excited to announce our first event of 2022 - Freelance Business - Marketing and Sales. Expect inspirational stories, new ideas and practical exercises in this brief, exclusive 3-hour event.

Cut through the noise and seize the chance to have your voice heard and connect with experts and peers in a more personal and intimate way.

Learn top marketing and sales tips from Martyn Baker, Elaine Pofeldt and Paula Ronan. Join the lively discussion at the end to share your opinions and pick the brain of others.

The event will take place on 28 April at 15:00 CET (Brussels) // 14:00 BST (London) // 09:00 AM EDT (New York).

As always, the event will be FREE to enjoy. However, there are only 100 tickets available, so secure your seat today!

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Topcoder talent freelance
Stop the War!
Together with the Freelance Business Community members we have produced Stop the War video to amplify the message that any conflict should be resolved peacefully. Freelance businesses can prosper only with strong ties and mutual respect.

  • The Center for The Transformation of Work has put a list of resources to help Ukrainian freelancers.

Our own members offer coaching and support, mainly:

  • Madeleine De Hauke offers free trauma-sensitive coaching as well to help people get back on their feet;

  • Axelle Peeters can support Ukrainian freelancers by offering workspace, coaching, job search, in Walloon Brabant, Belgium;

  • Elina Jutelyte offers freelance business guidance and will help with connections.

If you are the one in need, please reach out to Michaela, Madeleine, Axelle, or Elina via LinkedIn if you have any questions.

Do you want to offer your help to Ukrainian freelancers? Send details to Elina on LinkedIn or
Topcoder talent freelance
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We publish informative videos and sessions from our events weekly.

Here is one of our favourite talks: Adam Morehead from Topcoder uncovers the future of Open Talent

  • What does the future hold for Open Talent and independent workers?
  • How can you find and fill skill gaps?
  • How do you solve problems by finding great talent from around the world?

Drawing from years of experience, Adam shared his perspective in this informative talk during our Freelance Business for Software Developers event. Watch it in full here!

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Freelance business book advice
Jon Younger shares how platforms can help freelancers
If you have downloaded the Freelance Business Book you may already know that you can supercharge your freelance growth and find more opportunities by working with freelance platforms.

Here are some tips from Jon Younger, an HR thought leader and author:

90% of work is negotiated through relationships, so getting to know fellow freelancers is a good idea. Look for smaller communities that incentivise sharing work opportunities.

Join places that help you develop your skillset and that share information and tips from more experienced freelancers.

As a freelancer, you are more like a small business owner, so pay attention to things like planning, setting goals, administration and collaboration. Freelance platforms can offer valuable advice and personal stories from other people in a similar position.

More advice on cultivating the value of freelance platforms can be found in our Freelance Business Book! Now available as a PDF and on Kindle.
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corebook freelancer
Introducing our new partner: Corebook
Great design and a uniform visual identity help you stand out and be perceived as a trustworthy brand, regardless of whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an independent freelancer.

We are extremely happy to welcome Corebook° as our newest partner. They are an online brand guidelines platform, which develops and maintains brand design integrity for the world's most brilliant branding teams and creative agencies.

Whether you are looking for a place to store your brand elements or working on brand development for your customers, check out Corebook° and let us know if you like it.

P.S. They also have a very cool website! ;-)
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get referrals freelancer
Getting referred as a freelancer
What's better than hunting for clients? Having clients come to you of course! Katrina Cobb from Nomawo gave us a crash course on how to generate consistent high-quality referrals during our Freelance Business Month. Learn the best way to get great clients to come to you below.

Nomawo is a mastermind club, offering coaching, community and operational support for freelancers. As a FBC member you get an expedited application process and a nice 10% discount to join them.

Find out how Nomawo can help your business here.
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negotiation, freelance
How your perception influences your negotiations skills with Frederik Daneels
We've selected another great talk for you - Frederik Daneels shares how you can use negotiation to reach your freelance business goals.

A freelancer that knows how to negotiate will have a huge advantage in the different departments of the business. Not only do sales improve, but knowing how to close a deal with suppliers or third parties will make sure that your business flourishes.

Learn the different outcomes of a possible talk and how to get the best out of it, for yourself and the other.

See the full talk HERE!
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book freelance
Blissful: A guidebook for growing humans
Our ex-team member Anastasiia released her first book just a month ago. We've already read it and can say that Blissful: A guidebook for growing humans delivers what it promises. If you feel stuck and in need of practical routines to master your life, check it out.

By the way, our Freelance Business Book stars there, too!
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contact charipickers freelance
Avoid legal trouble with a bulletproof freelance contract
  • How much do you know about contracts?
  • Do you write the contract yourself or ask the client?
  • What clauses to include?
  • Is it legal to work without a contract

Speaking from years of experience, Ian de Swart from Charipickers provided answers to these questions and many more in his contract masterclass.

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mbo partners sell freelacne services
How to sell your consulting services
We picked this MBO article for you because we know that we have lots of consultants as our readers.

Does selling not come naturally to you? Don't worry: the process of selling your skills comes down to planning and consistency more than persuasion and charisma.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Target your marketing efforts
2. Update your skills
3. Revisit and update your marketing plan
4. Tap into your network
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