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Freelance business for software developers starts next week!
Are you a tech or an IT pro? Book your ticket to join us next week on Monday and Tuesday (6-7 December)! Only 100 tickets left at this moment.

Our programme will be focusing on sharpen your business skills to get yourself prepared for new 2022.

See the full programme here and book your free ticket today.

Some of the speakers and programme highlights:

  • Manuel Pistner, software developer that went freelance and how generating 4 mln revenue with his new company, will share how to scale up your freelance business

  • Bhaskar Das, ex-IBM Senior System Engineer and now a Freelance Technical Writer, will talk about future sectors that would reshape the software industry and future skills in demand

  • 2 sessions on how to package and sell your services from brilliant Marie Rachelle, an award-winning freelancer and Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain.

  • We will talk about the future of open talent with Adam Morehead, VP Marketing and Community at Topcoder and what are the client expectations when working with freelance software developers with Barry Matthews, CEO of Open Assembly, as well as discuss whether working via a platform gives any benefits to freelancers with the team from

If you are registered, you can connect with fellow freelancers, speakers and partners already this week.
See the full programme and get your free ticket!
Focus on your leadership skills
for a great 2022
Specially for the Freelance Business Community, Dr. Madeleine de Hauke, founder of Business4Good, offers an inclusive leadership programme to help high potential leaders discover their Super Power and optimise their unique strengths to lead themselves and others with confidence.

You have a chance to get 5 complimentary 30 minute coaching sessions (value €150) with Madeleine if you send her a message to, writing "Freelance Business" in the subject line.

These will be delivered on a 'first come, first serve' basis.
Connect with Madeleine on LinkedIn to request more information
A community that gives back
Our sponsor of the Freelance Business for Software Developers Gigged.AI is an online talent marketplace powered by AI that matches freelancers with projects suited to their skillset. They have recently launched a community on Mighty Networks for freelancers of all backgrounds, levels of experience and locations.

Gigged.AI wants to bring freelancers from around the world together: the aim of their community is to have a place for independent professionals to engage with each other and learn new things.

They provide monthly themes, weekly content and a monthly event either for networking and socialising with other community members, or a more educational event run by an external expert within the gig economy.

The community is free and open to everyone and will always remain this way.

Join now!
Our first Freelance Business Book
Everything we have learned this year about starting and growing a freelance business from our expert speakers is coming in an e-book, which we will share will all our attendees, speakers and partners.

More than 50 articles-insights from the entrepreneurs and more than 50 videos you can watch to upgrade your business skills.

Chapters include:

  • Is freelancing the thing of the future?
  • How to start freelancing
  • Freelance business marketing
  • Negotiations, money and legal aspects
  • Personal brand
  • Finding clients
  • Scaling your freelance business
  • Freelance mindset
  • Working with platforms
  • Hiring freelancers

If you have attended any of our events, you will receive the copy automatically, which we hope will serve as a handbook for your daily freelance business matters.

Are you as excited as we are?

We thank our supporters for making this work possible: Business4Good, Gigged.AI, Malt, Clockwork, Lancr and Connecting Expertise and The Indie List.

Be the first to get your copy when it is launched
Is your freelance business
ready for holidays?
It's almost that magical time of gingerbread cookies, Let It Snow and fairy lights at every corner.

If you're a freelancer though, chances are that you don't have paid vacation and can't just fill in a holiday notice and board a plane (even without the added inconvenience of Covid-19).

We've put together a guide to help you close your pending work so you are not overwhelmed when you're back and can fully relax!
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Avoiding legal issues as a freelancer
Every business needs to be protected against legal issues, and your freelance business is no different!

Here is a short list of things the Freelancers Union listed on their website and you should consider. We learned about it via the Freeletter of and gladly sharing this with you too.

- Contracts are legally binding between the client and the business. If an issue arises in the working relationship, a contract will ensure your rights are protected and you can seek compensation. You can download the contact essentials on our website here.

- Business Registration can sound simple, but you need to make sure your business is properly registered and can run officially. Also make sure the name of your business and other elements aren't trademarked. Read about registration in the UK and Belgium here.

- Business insurance will depend on the type of work you do, but it can save you lots of time and money if any accidents happen. If you are freelancing in Belgium, Vanbreda can help you find the right insurance.
If you are in the UK, Superscript offer a range of insurances for you to benefit from. You can request an insurance cover easily online.

Legal matters can seem frightening, but as long as you stay informed, you will be okay! It is always a good idea to talk to a legal expert, or get in touch with the experienced community at Charipickers (contact Ian de Swart).

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