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Hello Fellow Freelancer,

The end of the year brings on lots of reflection. Did I achieve what I have planned? Where this year has brought me personally and professionally?

I don't have a habit of making resolutions at the end of the year, but I do make a wish at midnight on the 31st of December - a tradition that we have in our family. Believe it or not, all these wishes came true. I can't tell whether it is a divine providence or hard work though. Some wishes were not work related, but about family and friends health and wellbeing. This year at midnight on 31st of December, I will make a big wish: to have peace in this world. For the sake of my family, your family, all families in the world, for the sake of everyone's wellbeing.

When we look back at what we were able to achieve in a year we have to look at it in perspective. I had to slow down my business and was active 1/3 of the time. Do I feel like I was underperforming? Yes. Did I feel bad about it. Yes, but just for a second. The rest of the time was dedicated to my family. Something I am truly enjoy doing now. And I feel great about it.

As I was trying to figure out my best working schedule, I run a poll on FBC Instagram about how many days freelancers work and how many days would they like to spend working.

54% said they would like to work 4 days, 23% would like to work 3 days, but 78% actually work the full week (5 days).

55% shared that this is because they have too many clients and projects, 36% answered that they are lacking organisation. Some responded that this is for financial reasons, another person said it is because of kids.

And here is what I have to say:

  • To the 55% that have too many clients that make you so busy, the tip is very simple: raise your prices and free up some time for yourself. For a dose of inspiration, you may want to rewatch this video of Luk Smeyers.
  • To the 36% that are still not organised: get your sh*t together in 2023 and up the time for yourself. Karen Visser may give you that kick in the butts. You can find more of inspirational talks on your YouTube.

The best way to realise where you can improve is to connect with others and hear how they do things. Betoobe is throwing a mega offer: you can join their masterminds group for free until the end of the year (750 EUR value) and participate in their highly productive masterclasses. Reach out to Jean-Paul Delmeire for more information if you are eager to start a new life as of next year. As Jon Younger nicely pointed out in this article "freelancer success is meaningfully increased when helped by a more experienced colleague". Don't be a stranger, find your tribe.

A few other things for you to read during the holidays:

And while you are reading this, I am doing to finalise the 2nd edition of the Freelance Business Book - another crowdsourced piece of wisdom, based on the takeaways from the Freelance Business Month. BTW, you still can access the replays from the event and the best part is that we are opening the top sessions from past editions too.

Enjoy the rest and have a great holiday season when it comes!

p.s. If you are a commercial organisation, scroll below for the end-of-the-year offer to boost your visibility.

As always, hit reply and let me know what you think or suggest topics for next newsletter.

Freelance business month
The 2nd Edition of the Freelance Business Book is Coming
If you missed our first edition, you can download it here. It has been downloaded more than 3000 times.

The second edition will highlight the take-aways from the Freelance Business Month 2022 and will include chapters:

  • Future of freelance
  • Starting a freelance business
  • Branding
  • Networking
  • Pricing, sales and finances
  • Working with platforms
  • Growing a freelance business
  • Collaboration
  • Mindset
  • Tips for Creatives, Writers and IT Professionals
  • Freelance ecosystem

You can feature your business in this publications, branding options are available, send us a message to to request more info.
9 Business Books to Help you Become a Better Entrepreneur
9 Business Books to Help you Become a Better Entrepreneur
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Practical Tips for Freelancers in the Future of Work
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  • Should you work in 'blended teams'?
  • What are the top tips freelancers for 2023?

Answers to these questions and more await you in Szilvia Filep's special blog on succeeding as a freelancer in the Future of Work!
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Digital Nomad Insurance Comparison for 2022
Betoobe mastermind classes
13 December, 19:00 CET - #NextLevel Networking: How to Do it Right - An opportunity for you to learn how to do the networking right and meet and greet someone new.

21 December, 19:00 CET - 360 Co-Development Clinic run by Jean-Paul Delmeire - A very well-structured step-by-step workshop where the group decides to support one of the participants in addressing a pressing challenge. The challenge is explored, practical insights are shared and everyone learns. All that, in a safe environment.

Register here
The role freelancing plays in the future of work with Fergal Lennon, MBO partners
The role freelancing plays in the future of work
Fergal Lennon, one of the Opening keynotes of the Freelance Business Month, shared how freelancers are helping to change the way we work. His insights are based on the MBO Contingent Labour report of 2022.
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Freelance Business Month 2023 Call for partners!
Become our Community Partner
A special offer for a corporate organisations wishing to join the FBC!!

Until the end of this year only, we are continuing our community membership. For 100 EUR per month, you will be able to secure your brand recognition for the next year with us, which includes:

- blog post about a topic of your choice
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- your feature as a partner and supporter at the Freelance Business Month 2023.
- and more...

Reach out to for more details and information.
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Fuel cards (tankkaarts) for freelancers and independent professionals in Belgium
Fuel cards (tankkaarts) for freelancers and independent professionals in Belgium
Fuel up the smart way with a Belgian Fuel card. See the benefits of using a card like this, how it can simplify your business accounting, how to choose the best one, which are the most popular fuel cards and how to get an extra discount via Linkus: all in our article below.
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