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Hello Fellow Freelancer,

We skipped the Digest in January. I took this time to work on

  • the brand new Freelance Business Book (300 Freelance Business Tips is now published!);
  • Integrate a new system for the FBM Call for Speakers;
  • to experiment with a new tool to create an interactive, community-generated newsletter in order for us to share community-wide asks, offers, and opportunities. At the end of the day, it is not only me who should write the community digest :-) I have to say the idea is pretty cool and I need 10 volunteers to test this new tool. Send me a message if you are interested.

I also took this time to rethink the FBC strategy and decide how the Freelance Business Month is going to look like this year.

Right after the FBM last year, we had a brilliant brainstorming session with community members, which gave birth to so many ideas! I am happy to share that some of these ideas will be implemented (well, at least we will try our best!).

The FBM transformation will also happen for the programme. Having said that, I'm thrilled to announce that the Call for Speakers is already open! I invite you to submit your speaker application until the end of March. (p.s. You will enjoy our new speaker management system this time!)


I was somewhat shocked to see a number of posts from freelancers recently about late payments or not being able to get the payment from a client. I therefore would like to dedicate this newsletter to this very matter as a reminder that managing your cashflow is the most important aspect of your freelance business. In fact, of any business.

I had several discussions on my LinkedIn (here and here) about not being paid on time or not being paid at all, and also got several messages asking for advice about what to do if a customer doesn't pay. We published a blog about it.

Once I had to wait for the payment more than 6 months. It hurt my cashflow tremendously. I was not able to pay my tax on time and thus, got penalties. Now, thinking retrospectively, there is little I could do to prevent it. It was a big, established organisation working with many freelancers. I had a contract with agreed payment terms. The payment upfront was not an option due to the nature of the work. And still I got into the situation where I had to chase the client for payment.

There is no way I could accelerate the payment just by sending kind reminders. I had to appeal to the CFO's common sense and elevate the issue to the General Manager. My last instance was to start sending reminders with the note that the next one will be sent by a debt collector. No one loves bailiffs!

There was another story of not being paid in full by another organisation, but it is even painful to describe. This made me think: would a black list of such organisations be helpful to you? What if we, as a community, start sharing about such cases and help others to avoid potential issues? Let me know in slack or via return email.

A few other things for you to read or watch:

Celebrating authors:

Let your freelance business be awesome and invoices are always paid (on time!)

As always, hit reply and let me know what you think or suggest topics for next newsletter.


Freelance business month
300 Freelance Business Tips
The 2nd edition of the Freelance Business Book is now available! Find more than 300 lessons, tips and pieces of advice for independent professionals of all levels of experience!

✅ how to start a freelance business
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✅ personal and business branding
✅ and much more!

Thank you The Indie List, CXC Global and Expertpowerhouse for supporting this initiative.
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Freelance business month
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We invite all freelancers, experts and freelance entrepreneurs to apply to become a speaker at the Freelance Business Month.

Do you have an exciting freelance story to share? Would you like to talk how you started and developed your freelance business? Do you want to teach specific skills that can help freelancers to accelerate? Do you have a strategic view of where the freelance economy is heading? Then, this is a great opportunity for you to shine!
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What to do if your invoices are not paid?
An unpaid invoice is a burden for your budget. How to avoid it? What steps you can take to accelerate the payment or to enforce the collection of your fees? Read in our blog below.
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Freelance jobs
We were able to scout the following freelance jobs:

1. Freelancermap

Freelancermap has over 3,000 projects posted each week. They don't charge freelance any fees from the projects, so you get to keep the entire amount for whatever you agree on with the client. However, they do offer two subscription plans:

- A free plan that will allow you to find clients but has some limitations (e.g. 15 applications a month)

- A premium plan allows you to have unlimited applications, project alerts, a better profile visibility, etc.

FBC members has a special deal and get 50% of the premium plan. Use the code FBC50OFF (valid until 31.03.2023).

2. Linkus

3. SafetyWing


5. Distributed
Freelance Business Month 2023 Call for partners!
The Freelance Way as an audiobook
Our congratulations to Robert Vlach for yet another success with his book The Freelance Way!

HarperAudio has just released The Freelance Way as an unabridged audiobook. Now available worldwide on Audible.

HarperCollins acquired global publishing English-language rights for Robert Vlach's best-selling book earlier this year, making it available globally in paperback and e-book editions, newly complemented with the full-length 20-hour audiobook.

The Freelance Way is also available in several translations and has a top-notch rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Goodreads!
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Freelance Business Month 2023 Call for partners!
How a country on internet would look like?
Remember, we were sharing that SatefyWing is running a competition to visualize a country on the internet - Plumia using AI tools like DALL-E or Midjourney? The winners are announced, and you can see the creations here. Pretty awesome, huh?

Would you like to know more about Plumia? Check this keynote presentation video by SafetyWing CEO, Sondre Rasch.
About country on internet
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