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In this edition, I would like to share some totally awesome news, upcoming events, developments within the Freelance Business Community, our feature in Forbes and helpful tips for your freelance contracts and price-setting.

You may have noticed that our brand has changed this year and that is with a reason. FBC is growing and it was the time to update the brand to reflect our mission and vision.

The brand still includes our favourite dots, but the meaning behind them is different. We departed from Belgian flag colours and wanted to showcase our mission of building and connecting {the dots} the global freelance ecosystem.

Ecosystem, like a nature, should be interconnected and therefore the dots colours represent the colours of the globe. Which also FBC's ''tiny'' ambition - to become the global largest independent freelancer community.

This new brand is now fully showcased on our new website. And because of the new web launch, we are throwing a pretty interesting incentive where you can win a nice amount. Read this post to participate.

---- you are probably preparing for summer, let me share with you our FBC books collection, which you may want to read during your vacation. You are going on vacation, aren't you?!

Enjoy the rest,

Freelance business month
This month is all about creativity!
Unleash your creative potential with our next event: Freelance Business: Creativity.

On 30 June, 15:00 CET you will meet with three spectacular speakers aka #meninblack who will inspire you to think outside the box:

>> Jakub Szrodt, Creative Hype Man, Goalcast - world leading inspiring media company which has more than 50 million followers across media channels. Jakub will share how to get into the specific mental flow, and generate ideas and solutions we wouldn't in our "normal'' state.

>> Raitis Velps, Chief Marketing Officer of Corebook°. Corebook is a brand guidelines platform for some major brands and small businesses. Raitis will uncover how to stand out and make an impact if you a bit on a shy side. Raitis will bring cases of introverted creatives who managed to build amazing brands online and offline.

>> Paul 'Nobby' Davies, The Creative ELDER, will explain how you can see more of the world around you - you just need to learn how to observe better.

The event is FREE but is limited to only 100 spaces, so book your ticket now!
Register here!
scale your freelance business
Our favourite video this week -
How to scale your freelance business with Manuel Pistner
Manuel started as a freelancer in software development in 2006 and founded the digital agency Bright Solutions in 2011. In his company, he has been consistently using remote employees since 2012 to strengthen his local team and since 2018 he has been using globally operating virtual teams.

In this video Manuel explains how to scale your freelance business using remote teams.

And BTW, 200 awesome subscribers already getting helpful videos weekly. Have you subscribed yet?
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How to increase your freelance rates (and when's the right time to do it)
Our community tips about pricing

    Mastering freelance contracts with help from Charipickers
    Do you have everything included in your contract?
    Don't struggle with making a great freelance contract. Learn the basic about:

    - The essential information you need to include
    - Protecting yourself against liability
    - Confidentiality
    - Intellectual property (IP)
    - Using Force majeure
    - Notice period and early termination

    and more!

    Read the advice of the experts from Charipickers below.
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    Freelancer First: How Innovative Platforms Are Prioritizing Freelancer Success
    Freelancer First: how innovative platforms are prioritizing freelancer success
    It is a huge privilege to be included in another one of Jon Younger's informative articles on Forbes and be on the same page with other great freelance organisations and

    As the world is facing unprecedented challenges and work is going through constant changes, it is great to see that the leaders of the freelance economy keep offering support to the community. Read more about the new developments in the freelance revolution by clicking the button below.
    Read more
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