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What is better for marketing your business: promoting yourself or promoting others?

I asked this question on LinkedIn the other day, as a couple of things made me pounder about it.

Coincidentally, I listened to two podcasts in one day about how one grew a community. One was with a person who started a network by talking about their personal problems and thus generated interest, since others recognized the same issues. The other podcast featured someone who only highlighted the success of others.

The results of the poll I mentioned earlier were very reassuring. 84% of the respondents consider talking about others as a better way to market themselves. Speaking of which, I would like to share our recent interview with Kamila Zahradnickova about her journey from freelancer to founder.

Spotlighting others may seem like an easy task, but how do you incorporate it into your own marketing? We discussed the FBC marketing principle of highlighting others and making them shine in a recent podcast with Paola Ronan.

Relationship building and showcasing others' success are extremely important in your freelance business. However, it's essential not to forget that you also need to impress Google :-D. Your online presence plays a crucial role in establishing credibility.

Come and join us tomorrow, Thursday, 8 June (18:00 CET) for a short and sweet (and yet mega powerful SEO training by the guru Chris Raulf).

We invited Chris with our partners at The Indie List to share his secrets of how to climb to the top of SEO results and gain more business. Interested? Register here.

What else is going on:

  • If you missed Angelique Rewers masterclass about how to boost your sales closing rate, you can watch it here. BTW, Angelique is organising a great event for freelancers and entrepreneurs (BoldHaus Groove) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA and offering FBC a great discount. If you are in that part of the world, or feel like travelling, check this out.
      • The Ambassador Programme 2.0. is launched. Apply to join FBC as an ambassador and start creating your own freelance community with our help.

      • Doerscirlce has joined FBC as a community member and Plannernet joined Freelance Business Month as a sponsor. A big massive welcome to these partners! See below about these companies. Interested to receive details about our partnership options? Send me a message.

      • Our next Mastermind Freelance World Café is scheduled on 22 June, 15:00 CET (every 4th Thursday of the month) and will be focused on interesting topics such us how to overcome fear and more specifically, how to fight anxiety about blushing.

      A few other things for you to read or watch:

      You can also find the list of freelance jobs below.

      Let your freelance business be awesome.

      As always, hit reply and let me know what you think or suggest topics for next newsletter.


      Micro SEO strategies with Chris Raulf
      MASTERCLASS, 8 June, 18:00 CET

      Easy to execute, micro-SEO strategies to climb the search engine ladder
      Our next #FreelanceBusiness Masterclass session with The Indie List takes place this Thursday.

      Join us on 8 June at 18:00 CET/ 17:00 IRL / 12:00 NYC where Chris Raulf will reveal his secrets of powerful SEO tricks that will help your freelance business to climb the search engine ladder.

      It will be a packed session, so save the time, prepare a notebook to write down Chris's advice.

      ✅ You will learn how to implement Micro-SEO strategies, the tools, and technologies that support the process.
      ✅ You will also receive a process template.
      ✅ Chris will explore successful case studies and showcase real-world examples.
      ✅ Best of all, you can put your newly-acquired knowledge to work immediately and start outranking your competitors.

      What Chris said: 'This Masterclass is an excellent fit for anyone interested in learning about our Micro-SEO Strategies℠ methodology. I'll provide step-by-step instructions on how to implement this new SEO methodology, and you can start implementing this methodology immediately after the class. Our favorite SEO tool, SE Ranking, is an important part of our micro-strategies methodology. I'll make sure to introduce Masterclass attendees to this incredible tool and how we use it as part of the process.'
      One stop shop for freelancers
      Doerscircle is a community-based membership platform, where you'll discover everything you need to start (and grow) your freelance business.

      Trusted by 19,000 freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners around the world, Doerscircle provides time-saving resources, expert advice, and incredible discounts across 50+ exclusive solutions and member benefits.

      Learn from experts providing biweekly masterclasses, create unlimited (free) legal templates, expand your network with exclusive events, and spotlight and promote your business and services to other members, just like you.
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      Plannernet is the largest, most experienced provider of freelance meeting and event talent. It is home for over 3,500 highly-specialized and vetted professionals, in over 70 countries, supports more than 150,000 hours of work annually.

      Plannernet works with organisations of all sizes and industries through the powerful technology platform and grade-A service providing event management, virtual meeting moderation, onsite execution, audio-visual equipment, travel directors, and pre-planning project support.
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      Freelance Business Month
      Freelance Business Month
      registration is open
      This year, the FBM will have 2 access options:

      1. Free Ticket will allow you to access pre-recorded talks and presentations, audio sessions and digital goodie bag

      2. Full Access Ticket, which is now at 50% off - 32,5 EUR will open up additional options and access:

      • to live online presentations and meet-ups
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      • to special workshops
      • ticket holders will also be invited to FBC and FBM strategy sessions.

      In short: if you want to have a passive participation and just follow some of the sessions, a free ticket is your option, if you'd like to build your network, connect and participate actively in the discussions, then the Full Access Ticket option is what you need.

      Don't delay, the moment we will announce the programme, the price will go up.
      Book your ticket
      Freelance Jobs

      • Sourcing and contract manager
      • Business analyst
      • Data Analytics & Marketing Automation Specialist
      • Functional analyst
      • Business analyst - IT

      See details about these roles on our Slack.

      The Indie List:

      Do you have expertise and years of experience in digital, design, animation and motion graphics? Reach out to Una or Amanda.

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