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Freelance Business events in 2022
This year we have planned a series of freelance business events to help you upgrade your skills in a number of topics. According to the survey that we run amongst our members, the most demanding questions are in the domain of marketing and sales, creativity, technology, legal aspects and managing finances. We therefore have scheduled 4 events to help you upgrade your skills on these subjects.

Save these dates:

  • Marketing and Sales for Freelance Business - 28 April 2022
  • Creativity for Freelance Business - 30 June 2022
  • Technology and Innovation for Freelance Business - 2 Sept 2022
  • Finances and Legal for Freelance Business - 8 December 2022

Registration opens soon, in the meantime, would you like to join us as a speaker, submit this form.

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And as always - the Freelance Business Month is scheduled for the full October 2022. You can already apply as a speaker or partner to join the largest freelance event.

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Freelance youtube channel videos
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We publish informative videos and sessions from our events weekly.

Here is one of our favourite videos: interview with Andy Coomans, entrepreneur, author and speaker.

At age of 18, Andy started designing websites, turned his passion into income after not having the right education or support from home. After 9 years he decided to grow to an agency sized company which made it into a top-50 agencies in Belgium and won loads of important awards (even Trends Gazelle in 2021). Successfully sold this agency at the age of 37 (multi-million euro deal) to his operational management to make room for his next step, while still remaining active as a shareholder and at board of directors level. Today he only works with companies if he becomes a partial owner (investor) of those companies. He helps them scale-up trough marketing and branding strategies.

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Freelance topcoder
Topcoder is the first freelancer platform offering health insurance purchase options through SafetyWing
The community is Topcoder's greatest asset. They rely on the global community to help solve problems every day, and in return, Topcoder makes it their mission to encourage members to learn, earn, and connect on the platform.

They are now offering their members the opportunity to purchase health insurance through their partner, SafetyWing. This will make Topcoder the first freelancer platform making this offer available. The only requirement? That you're a registered member of their community.

If you're in need of health insurance and want to learn more, it's free to join their community and check out the webinar they will be hosting on March 15, 2022 at 15:00 CET (10:00 UTC-4), which will cover:

- Costs
- Plan details
- Steps for members wanting to sign up

The extensive healthcare package will be available for all members in nearly every country.

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Freelance skill gaps
Web3: the next skills crisis in the UK?
Looking for the field where your skills will be most in-demand? Rich Wilson has the answer.

Web3 areas like blockchain and crypto offer fantastic future-proof opportunities: in the US alone, job postings containing words like "bitcoin" and "blockchain" grew 395% between 2020 and 2021.

Learn which are some of the most in-demand roles in this new internet revolution, which countries possess the best blockchain talent and which is the skill gap with more demand than supply in Rich Wilson's great overview.
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Xolo freelance ukraine
Xolo stands with Ukraine
We are facing one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes in Europe since World War II. Millions of Ukrainians are facing danger and uncertainty. Xolo, along with the rest of the freelance world, stands with Ukraine.

They have selected several trustworthy foundations which are helping people live through the crisis. Find out how to support them in Xolo's article.

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work corporate charipickers freelance
Freelancers, start working better with corporates - here's how
Not sure about working with corporate clients? Arno Morsa, an expert from Charipickers has highlighted some of the problems freelancers face in Belgium and the Netherland during the recruitment process, and provides advice on how to overcome them.

Learn how to use good communication to establish a relationship with a company, how to work with external recruiters without hurting your income, and more, in our new article.

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Freelance EU career hr
Let's bring great business education to every freelancer have published four short clips from Mark McGuinness' talk Forget the career ladder. Start creating assets on their YouTube channel. Each of them covers a specific aspect of so-called creative assets:

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