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Hello Fellow Freelancer,

I recently had a very painful discussion about doing too much. About spreading too thin and risking to burn myself. About my role as a mother and what should be my priority.

I took a few days off to reflect on that. After another month-long event it was the time to slow down and rethink. Well, rethinking your life doesn't take just a few days, it is a lengthy process. In fact, it should be a continuous process.

Coincidentally, exactly at the same time I got a message from someone I follow, Tom Ross - a guru in community management, sharing about his new born son, lack of sleep and his commitment to his community. His formula for success is consistency, iteration and accountability, regardless of the stage in life you currently are.

I feel pretty much like him right now. On one hand, I am a freelancer and thus have the flexibility to decide when and how I work (which is true), on the other hand I feel responsibility to constantly drive performance for the Freelance Business Community. Regardless of how much work is already done for the community, the pressure to deliver is growing higher every day. And, as we learned during the Freelance Business Month, to deliver is to innovate.

I'd like to apply the Open Innovation principles we learned about during the event in order to redesign the Freelance Business Month. With the help of this community, I'd like the FBM to become a collective project (so that the mom in me won't feel guilty for spending so much time on zoom).

I invite you to join our collective brainstorm today at 16:00 CET / 15:00 UK / 10:00 NYC and co-create the next FBM edition.

During the Freelance Business Month we also had a collective session together with John Healy, Vice President of World Employment Confederation and Managing Partner & Expert in Residence of the Center for the Transformation of Work where we worked on what a standard of a good freelancer-client practice should include. You can rewatch this session here and add your comments and ideas here.

BTW, all the sessions from the FBM are now available for replay.

And if you are hitting the road soon for the holidays, don't take a risk, apply for the health insurance.

Enjoy the rest!

And, btw, you can always hit reply and let me know what you think or suggest topics for next newsletter.

Freelance business month
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Travel Medical Insurance
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Setting Client Expectations as a Digital Nomad
Setting Client Expectations as a Digital Nomad
Digital nomadism is becoming more popular and the landscape is now more competitive than ever. Even if you are an experienced digital nomad, it is worth reviewing your approach and thinking about what expectations and scope are you setting with your clients.

MBO partners recommends to have:
  • A clear scope of work and contract terms
  • Responsive communication
  • Effective project management that meets deadlines
  • Establishing boundaries for client interaction and more important areas to consider in their article.
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Third of freelancers struggling to pay their bills
Third of freelancers struggling to pay their bills
Today, over 28 million people in the EU work through digital labour platforms, according to the European Commission, and this number will keep increasing. However, new workforce regulations from the European Commission don't take their unique needs into account.

Fortunately, loud voiced like the Free Trade Europa, #WorkAnywhere Campaign, Future of Work Institute and "Voice of Freelancers" are arguing in favour of regulations to help the independent workforce.
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 How to shape your freelance business brand with Amanda Guerassio, Brand Strategist & Designer
How to shape your freelance business brand with Amanda Guerassio, Brand Strategist & Designer
Enjoy Amanda Guerassio's session on shaping your freelance business brand from our Freelance Business Month.

Apart from the free sessions on our YouTube channel, you can get full access to all the FBM sessions with a Replay ticket.
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Freelance Business Month 2023 Call for partners!
Freelance Business Month 2023
Call for Partners!
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Get to know Orsolya Vincze, our Ambassador in Budapest!
Get to know Orsolya Vincze, our Ambassador in Budapest, Hungary
Meet Orsolya Vincze, our fabulous ambassador from Budapest, Hungary.

Learn more about what her work as a freelancer and what exciting event she has planned for our #FreelanceAmbassadors initiative in her interview below.
Meet Orsolya!
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